BIRD CAGE 800 / 47
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BIRD CAGE 800 / 47

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Birds make exciting pets and if you have birds at home, you will require accessories that make bird keeping easy. whether you are a pet parent to small pets such as rabbits, hamsters or birds, you will require a safe haven for them. Even though they are safe inside the house, small pets require a place that they can play and sleep in. 

At Scoobeepetproducts, our pet experts have carefully selected products that act as habitats for your pets. Each product is unique and offers fun time along with safety for your pet.
The products available on Scoobeepetproducts are designed to meet the requirements of the small pets. Each habitat offers comfort, safety, playtime and ample space for your pet to feel safe and secure and have a good sleep every day.
Product Dimention:
Bird Cage L14 * W14 * H25 Inches
colours black
foot 1.75ft*15ft*2.5ft