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While some dogs love spending time in water and get overexcited about bath, there are dogs that absolutely hate taking a bath. They will run around and hide in a corner and they will simply not allow you to give them a bath. However, giving your dog a bath is really important for his own hygiene and health. This is why dog dry bath is a smart idea.

You dont need to worry that your dog is fussy and you dont need to irritate him by forcing him to take a bath when you go for dog dry bath There are many products today that ensure that your dog is clean and tidy even without water.

It is up to you to buy the right products for dog dry bathing so that your dog is healthy and happy.


  • Easy to use spray
  • Does not require water
  • Reduces hairfall and shedding
  • Maintains pH balance of the skin
  • Reduces dryness and keeps the skin supple 
  • It comes in different varients for All Breeds.











Direction For Use: 

Wet pet througly. Apply Dry Bath Shampoo on the body of pet. Except Eyes and Mouth. Rub througly, towel or blot dry, Brush out.